N 079 1 General
N 079 2 Participants
N 079 3 Eligibility
N 079 4 Training
N 079 5 Start / driving offenses
N 079 6 Format plant
N 079 7 rerun
N 079 8 Classification of riders
N 079 9 Financial Conditions
N 079 10 Technical specifications - specification of technical systems

N 079 1 General
The race for individual riders. There will be a series of races , the results of which are summed up. Championship of the Czech Republic takes place in classrooms and FT1 CLASSICS . Part of the Cup championship races will be veteran class ( race veterans will not be at kilometer oval) .

N 079 2 Participants
In the Czech Republic Championship races will be admitted login with a valid drivers license issued by the National Sporting Authority ACCR . In the race can start and holder of a national license FMN .

N 079 3 Eligibility
The minimum age for participating riders in this race for the 500cc category (16 years) and for the over 500 cc ( 18 years), commencing on the date of his birth.

N 079 4 Training
Training is mandatory and riders will be divided into groups of a maximum of ten riders in each group. Each group will have two free practice sessions with a length of 5 minutes. To make best use of training time , the organizer of the training consolidate all classes in .

N 079 5 Start / driving offenses
The field will be divided so that at least one of the four starting positions. Each series will be spaced in the qualifying session 2 m , in the final race , then 6 meters.

A rider who is not ready to start in 2 minute time limit will be disqualified from driving .

The rider whose motorcycle moves forward and touches or breaks one or more tape devices starter or in any way delays the start will be punished . In such a situation, the referee must start suspend and expel the offending riders on the start line penalty . It will be marked 15 meters behind the last starting position .

The rider whose motorcycle crossed the inner or outer edge of the track at the same time both wheels must be excluded from the event , if so , however, in the opinion of the referee happened to the safety of other drivers , or the appropriate rider pushed off the track by another rider .

Judge may exclude a competitor whose driving style deemed unsafe or incorrect , whether you stopped driving or not.


N 079 6 Format plant
Each rider completes three qualifying session . At the start of each race can be a maximum of 16 riders.

Class FT1 and CLASSICS - Three races for 10 laps each , in the case of 8 -kilometer oval wheels .
Final race will be held 15 rounds , in case kilometer oval 10 rounds .

Class Veteran has three races after five rounds and final ride on eight wheels .

The position on the grid :

For 12 or less riders - riders are assigned to the first meeting of the Jury starting position

Horse number

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12


5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
1 2 3 4


9 10 11 12
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

For 13 to 24 riders - riders are assigned to the first meeting of the Jury starting position .

Horse number

1 3 5 7
9 11 13 15
17 19 21 23


2 4 6 8
10 12 14 16
18 20 22 24


9 10 11 12
17 18 19 20
1 2 3 4


13 14 15 16
21 22 23 24
5 6 7 8


17 20 21 24
1 4 5 8
9 12 13 16


18 19 22 23
2 3 6 7
10 11 14 15

Classification riders will be able to sum the order in these races. The rider with the lowest ranking of the three qualifying runs will be classified in the qualifying session in the first place , the driver of the second lowest number of ranking as the second , etc. The rider or riders who finish the qualifying race or it does not start , or will be classified on the last place in the qualifying session .

On the basis of the order in the qualifying session riders choose a place to start the final drive . It starts always best classified rider after the qualifying session . Until the final drive qualifies sixteen best riders on the basis of the classification of the qualifying heats.

N 079 7 rerun
If there is an accident on the track and in the opinion of the referee would be dangerous to continue driving , the referee must stop the ride .
Driver who caused the cessation of driving, you can be expelled from the restart the referee.

In case of suspension of driving:
Within 1 or 2 rounds = race will be restarted from the original starting positions.
During the next rounds except the last two rounds = riders will start from the board behind him , and they reached only remaining wheels .
During the last two rounds = driving will be considered for crossing a judge will determine the order .

Start of series in a row :
Riders start behind him in the order they cross the line in the last completed round .
( Arbitration in this case is final and may not be filed against him protest . )

In the case of repeated start during qualifying runs starting 2 minute time limit to run at a time when the track is free without any obstacles . The start of the two-minute limit decided by arbitration .

N 079 8 Classification of riders
Body in classification Championship Czech Republic are summed and riders are assigned sequentially as follows :


First instead of 20b.
Second instead of 16b.
3rd instead of 14b.
4th instead of 12b.
5th instead of 11b.
6th instead of 10b.
7th 9b place .
8th 8b place .
9th 7b place .
10th 6b place .
11th 4b place .
12th 2b place .

Body in overall classification Championship are added. At the end of the series will be deducted riders one of the worst outcome. These results are counted and a not a race.

If after this a tie at the end of the whole series , the situation will be resolved as follows :
1 ) will be taken into account better result from nezapočítaného company
2 ) in case of equality in the first three positions continue to be held with supplementary driving 8 laps between riders , which concerns equality
3 ) If possible use the first point or 2 will be taken into account the outcome of the last race where both drivers competed .

N 079.9 Compensation for participation
They will not be reimbursed for travel or financial compensation for individual riders. Riders start in racing at its own expense . Entry fee in the Championship race is set for 400 CZK , in the Cup race at 200 CZK . This registration fee remains the organizers of the race.


N 079 10 Technical conditions

01.85 Technical Specifications Motorcycle Flat Track

85.01 General
The concept of technical rules Flat Track motorcycles based on the technical specifications for Motocross , Enduro and Supermoto bikes (except for Class Classic and Big Twins ) . BOXER engine type are prohibited.

The use of titanium components is permitted with the exception of the wheel axles and frame.

Technical Specifications Track racing should be applied to all classes with the addition of Flat Track
the following rules :

N 85.02 CLASS
a) FT 1 - Motorcycles with one and two-cylinder engines of 250cc - 1200cc

b ) FT Classic - Motorcycles with one and two-cylinder engines , carburetors stuffed using :
Specification of the motor :
Two-stroke engine to year 1989 air-cooled without restrictions.
Two-stroke engine to year 1989 liquid cooled to a maximum of 350 cc.
The four-stroke engine to year 1989 without restrictions.
The four-stroke engine to year 2007 air-cooled or air-cooled and oil with a maximum volume of 650 cc.

c ) Big Twins - two-cylinder motorcycle engine with 600 - 1200 cc. ( in 2014, these bikes will go by year categories FT1 or FT Classic)

85.03 Specifications
Changes / modulation , control , treatment and appearance of the bike frame can be made subject to compliance with the following requirements :

85.04 Front Fork
The front forks must not protrude more than 5 cm above the upper front mount telescopes.

85.05 Brakes
Functional brake on the front wheel are only allowed to type TT races .
In all other types of races Flat Track front brake is prohibited and any components
on the front brakes must be removed. Motorcycles class Ft Classic can be equipped with deactivated front brake.
The rear wheel must have an efficient and functional brake system for all classes.
85.06 Wheels and tires
The front and rear wheels and tires with a diameter of 19 ' inches. For Class FT Classic permitted wheel and tire with a diameter of 18 inches , and a combination of 18 and 19 inches.
Permitted tires :
Dirt Track tires Maxis , Mitas, Golden Tyre, Dunlop and road tires with tread ( pattern ) min max 2 mm and 8 mm deep . Original tread must not be cut through or otherwise modified.
Maximum tread depth of 8mm. The minimum tread depth of 2mm.
In the category FT1 can start supermoto motorcycle with deactivated front brake on wet supermoto tires, without claim for points


85.07 Numerical tables and the number of riders
The motorcycle must be equipped with a front numeric table mounted on top of the front fork and two side tables smaller than 25 cm x 30 cm . Minimum dimensions of each digit starting number - 20 cm x 12 cm , with the thickness of the line single digits must be at least 3 cm .

Designation rider
Each rider must be in the back of protective clothing clearly marked starting number .

85.08 Fuel
All motorcycles must be met unleaded gasoline. The use of methanol or any other additives is prohibited

85.10 Carburetor
In the category FT1 is enabled , any injection or carburetor system .
They are only allowed to the engine control unit ( ECU , ECU Kit ) which are supplied by the manufacturer. Control wires , spark plugs, wires leading to the spark plug into the spark plug ( tick ) may be replaced.

85.11 footrests
Steps must meet the following criteria:
a) must be attached to the original position specified by the manufacturer without any attachments , etc.
b ) It must not be lower than the lowest part of the frame or engine
c ) are not permitted types of running boards or to or for the Speedway Long Track

85.12 Throttle control on and off
The machine must be mounted ignition switch off , which shall
in activity if they leave the rider .
Switching off the ignition must interrupt the primary circuit and the inlet and outlet flow
must be carried out with wire. The equipment must be located as close to the center
handlebars and must be controlled by an inelastic cord of appropriate length (max. 30 cm) attached to the right wrist

85.13 The noise level and exhaust pipes
The noise level of any motorcycle is designed to meet the requirements of the FIM Track Racing motorcycles: max 115 db ( measured by max 2 meters).

85.14 Minimum height
In the upright position without a rider , the distance from the lowest point of the motorcycle frame or engine, ie with the exception of exhaust and muffler ( headroom) must not be less than 20 cm.

85.15 Transmission
Transmission must be in one block with the engine. Separate gear such as ice speedway and long speedway is prohibited.

N 85.09 Chainguard
If the primary chain is freely accessible , must be safety reasons the chain guard . This cover must be designed so that in any case driver do not come into contact with a chain or sprocket. It must be designed so as to protect the rider from injuring your fingers.
Chain guard must be on the front sprocket ( secondary chain ) .

N 85.10 fairing
For all motorcycles listed in the supplementary specification is forbidden
using all elements of the fairing .

85.16 Helmet
Requirement for all riders is during training and racing wear a protective helmet . The helmet must be securely affixed to the driver's head must fit well and be in good condition. The helmet must have a chin tie " fastening system ." All helmets must be marked with one of the official international brands.
The recognized international approval mark :
Europe , ECE 22-05 ( with index "P")
Japan JIS T 8133 : 2007

85.17 Equipment riders and eye protection
During training and during the race must have drivers and passengers following a garment
Shoes .
The rider must wear pants and gloves made ​​of durable material and boots reaching to the knees of leather or equivalent material . To prevent chafing of accidents, drivers must have arms completely covered with protective clothing made ​​of a suitable material. ( Understood to cover the whole arm from shoulder to wrist ) .

85.18 Technical inspection ( inspection )
Before entering on any training or race motorcycle must pass a technical inspection . Each machine logged into the plant must meet all the criteria , whether the intention is to use the bike or not.
Every driver or motorcycle that does not meet the technical parameters will be disqualified from the competition and motorcycle removed from the pit .

Fixed metal speedway shoe to left shoe .